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BayPress is highly customizable WordPress plugin. If you are able to setup an online niche store by using BayPress software as a part time business, you will see that you can earn a lot of extra income.

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BayPress, a product of Buraq Technologies is an ebay tool designed and developed for affiliates of ebay wordpress users with special attention, by using special ebay wordpress plugin, affiliates can earn revenue easily from $100 - $1000 or more by simply promoting their targetted niche out of more than 1 million products offered by ebay.com.

Why BayPress?

BayPress’s wordpress ebay plugin helps the affiliate user to display related ebay items/products which are relevant to your blog/site can display the listings by region, price to target perfect audience, shows interesting products as a featured or latest products in the side bar widget of your wordpress ebay blog/site and much more other things which are easily managed from the interface using our ebay script which is a special ebay wordpress plugin.

It is the most comprehensive ebay tool for wordpress from a wide range of online free and paid wordpress ebay plugins to develop your own wordpress affiliate blog/site.

Our ebay software for wordpress offers wide range of user friendly affiliate features which can be seen in the features list section above, like, it can display latest products, different countries support, tag generator for GUI and other useful things and also it can be easily installed on any wordpress platform to create wordpress ebay affiliate blogs/sites.

To setup BayPress software, you just need to have a wordpress installed on your blog/site in which you can activate our ebay software as a standard plugin and by using this specialized ebay script you just need to drive the traffic to your site to earn your commission. BayPress is not restricted to individual users only or to only some limited categories/products of ebay but any one can use this ebay software to build ebay wordpress affiliate blog/site of his/her own choice.

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